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Second Session Process

LipBlush Before and After AZ Brow Art


When Should I come back for my 2nd session?

You may book your 2nd session 6-8 weeks after your 1st session appointment.

What Happens during my 2nd session appointment?

Lip Blushing requires two sessions for the desired results and longevity.


Dark pigmentation correction 2nd session:

During the first session, the main goal is to neutralize the lips so it is even in color. During the second session, a layer of desired color will be applied.

During your 2nd session, our artist will not only go over any areas that faded, but the entire lip as well to ensure longevity. By doing this, you won't need to come in as frequently for touch-ups.

After I complete my 2nd session, how long will my lip blush last before I need a touch-up?

If you want to keep your lips maintained, you will be required to come back every 12-18 months from your last appointment. If you decide not proceed with a touch-up, your lips will last around 2 years and will eventually fade away. Longevity will vary per lifestyle and skin type.

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